Currently, I am hacking my 3D printer’s printing nozzle, and need to know how hot some parts are getting. So I thought it would be fun/interesting to do some C-programming on a PIC, and read out a thermocouple to an LCD…

It works! The PIC is a farty old 8-bit DIP, but it works! 10 bits worth of A/D sampling, yay!

When the K-type thermocouple went glowing red in a lighter-flame, it stayed just below 400°C. What really surprised me is that it goes back to room temperature in mere seconds, and is not damaged by the heat. Supposedly they can get to 1370 degrees, but that seems a bit high?

b.t.w. the shown precision is fake, it’s just 48/1023 times * 500 ,  but who cares whether the nozzle temperature is 430.6 °C or 430.1 °C. Right?